Step Mom Shay Sights Met Recently With Her Step Daughter Aften Opal

Give Me Your Heart (1 Hearts)

Shay Sights is sitting on her bed, looking a bit worried about something. Aften Opal, Shay’s stepdaughter, walks by her open bedroom door and Shay decides to call her inside. Aften’s always glad to help out her stepmom, so she comes to sit next to her, asking her what’s on her mind. It turns out that Shay is back on the dating scene, and has recently met a LOVELY woman. Thing is, that woman hasn’t been impressed with Shay’s dirty talk in the bedroom. Shay reveals that since she’s a newly-out lesbian, she just has NO IDEA how to act or what to do with another woman when they’re having sex- especially when it comes to dirty talk. Shay would love it if Aften could give her a few pointers since she’s much more experienced as a lesbian than her stepmom is. Aften is quick to tell Shay that she doesn’t have to overthink any of this. Yes, she may have LESS experience being with another woman, be she must certainly have an IDEA of what feels good or not. Aften explains that Shay just needs to trust her instincts and let whatever happens happen. Even if Shay might stumble or do something she thinks is goofy in the heat of the moment, Shay’s partner might actually find it ENDEARING. Shay’s being much too hard on herself. She needs to loosen up! As they chat, Aften happens to graze Shay’s shoulder with her hand. Shay gets a shiver, apparently liking the touch of Aften’s fingers on her skin. Shay asks her stepdaughter if that’s something she likes to do to other women, touch them sensually on the shoulder. Aften giggles, and confirms that yes, that’s something she likes to do sometimes. In fact, Aften would be happy to teach Shay a few MORE of her little tricks- only if she wants of course. Shay is intrigued but can’t help but feel a bit hesitant. Aften’s her stepdaughter- should they REALLY be doing this? Aften shrugs, saying that if she manages to help Shay feel more comfortable with being with other women, then what’s the harm? Aften continues touching Shay, who loves every second of it, and this eventually leads to them having playful, energetic sex together in Shay’s bed. Aften taught her stepmom a lot today, which isn’t surprising. She’s well-versed in the language of love, after all!

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